Easter House Party

In the Easter holidays we run a six-day house party at Edgeborough school near Farnham in Surrey. The format reflects that of the summer party, although a number of the activities and events are unique, and we provide special facilities throughout the house party for those who want to spend time revising for summer-term exams (see below).

As at Clayesmore in the summer, we’re supremely fortunate to have, in Edgeborough, the use of a well equipped school with expansive playing fields set in beautiful countryside. And that makes a wonderful backdrop to a very special holiday.


Time to work

One feature unique to the Easter house party is the provision of our special supervised revision sessions. We understand that a number of Paulines need to work for exams during the Easter holidays, so we ring-fence a few hours each day – both in the morning and afternoon – during which boys who wish to are able to work quietly on revision or coursework. One of our leaders is always present during these sessions to ensure things go smoothly. Over the years we’ve found that this system allows boys who might not otherwise be able to come on the house party because of work, to do so. Many even report that they get more work done on the house party than they would have done at home.

It’s not all work though. The Easter house party invariably exudes the same blend of fellowship and fun as found in the summer, and yet somehow has a special character all its own. It’s not to be missed.

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