Day 1: Pick up a bible

Welcome to Daily Bread! We’ve just had ten days of being very well fed, in more ways than one, and this blog is an opportunity to continue the spiritual nourishment that the House Party has given us. Think of it as a daily portion of food for thought. (That’s probably enough metaphors…)

Let’s kick off with a challenge! How’s your knowledge of the books of the New Testament? We’re about to find out…. have a go at this Sporcle – no cheating!!

How many did you get out of the 27? If you want to brag about it, post a comment below.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be exploring how Christian communities like that which we experienced on the House Party developed. We’ll take a look at parts of the New Testament to find out more about Paul – the guy who’s effectively the patron saint of CU! In particular, we’ll be looking at some of the letters he wrote to early Christians two thousand years ago. A lot of modern Christianity as we know it today stems from what Paul did – he kick started a lot of groups of Christians and formed churches which have continued and evolved to the present day.

Hopefully we’ll do that in a fun, interesting and inspiring way. There’ll also be chances to pray, look back over the House Party and plan for the term ahead, so try to set aside a few minutes each day to read the blog posts and engage with the challenges. And feel free to add your thoughts as we go along! Enjoy!