Day 4: What gets you up in the morning?

There’s probably a good chance you’re reading this in bed, and that during the holidays getting up may not be a priority, but today we’re going to have another think about this question! Ignore the things that we have to get up for; we have little choice about going to school / uni / work. What is the reason that we don’t just sit and do nothing and go about living our lives the way we do?

I reckon the answers will be different for each of us. It might be enjoyment or passion for the things we spend our time doing – studying, hobbies, spending time with other people. Perhaps, without being too big-headed, it might be because we feel we have something to contribute or give to the world and those around us. That might not be something tangible, it could just be ourselves and our personalities.

Have a think too about what your bigger aims in life are. Even if you’re not someone who has a set of ‘life goals’ written down, stop and reflect on what inspires you in life and what you strive for. Is it academic success, trying to be a loving person, popularity, status, faith in God? If you’re struggling, think of the things that you want most in life and try and put them in an order.

Something to think about today: are you happy with what you’re driven by? Are there aspects of your life aims you’d like to change?

Here’s a prayer you might like to pray: Heavenly Father, Paul’s goal in life was to live each moment to please you. Give us strength and your help to set our priorities such that we are serving you and those around us as you have called us to do. Guide us away from temptation and desire of earthly possessions and instead steer us towards obtaining things that have true value in your kingdom. Amen.