Day 5: A divided church

Today we’re going to watch another animation video which tells us about the second part of Paul’s letter to the Romans. It’s 8 minutes, but stick with it as it gives a really good overview of what we’re going to be reading tomorrow from the letter.


I think it’s very interesting how an underlying theme throughout the letter to the Romans is that Paul is writing to Christians who are divided. Different groups of people have been established who have approached the good news Jesus brought in different ways and formed their own ‘churches’.

One of Paul’s most important points is that Jesus calls us to unite as his followers, and so these divisions in the early church rather go against Jesus’ teachings. Sadly the differences remained to lead to the position we have today with hundreds of different Christian denominations around the world. We have Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, the list goes on! I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a problematic thing, but there are many instances where disagreements have led to arguments and conflict between groups of Christians. Even within just the Anglican church, think of the recent debates over sensitive issues such as homosexuality and women becoming bishops.

Furthermore, my attitude is that many of the disagreements are minor and distract us from the really important stuff Jesus taught us about loving God and our neighbours as being the most important commandments.

What do you think? To what extent do you think the issues Paul was facing in his day are still relevant and applicable to us today?