Day 9: Off to Greece

It’s time to become a little more familiar with another of Saint Paul’s letters. This is one (of two) he wrote to the people of Corinth, an ancient city in Greece. It’s marked by the red dot on this map for you fellow geographers:


As an introduction, we’re going to watch another video from the Bible Project. I hope you’re finding them as useful as I do as an easy way to get into parts of the scriptures.

Some things to think about after watching the video:

  • How would you feel in Paul’s situation seeing something you started not turning out as you might like?
  • Can you identify any common¬†themes to those we explored in Paul’s letter to the Romans?
  • From the summary of the letter, what sections (if any) do you think are most relevant to us as Christians today?

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on any of these, post a comment below!

Just a reminder about CU Sunday tomorrow – it’s going to include a talk from all-round legend Rahul Dev so one not to be missed! 3:30pm as usual. A fun fact for you: Rahul is a former model.