Day 13: A friendly face

Do you remember your first day at SPS? Or maybe for you that is tomorrow!

My memories are that it was a rather daunting experience; lots of new people, very easily getting lost even when I’d been given a map, and so many things to remember! Having just been on the house party made a big difference however as there were a few more friendly faces I recognised. Looking back, it was great to have the likes of Jack Wellby and his committee of 2004-05 keeping an eye out for me!

How will you respond tomorrow to nearly 200 new boys joining the school for the first time? Will you say hello and help someone looking lost and be welcoming to the new people in your tutor group?

Making an analogy with the parable of the Good Samaritan that we all know, will you be the person who will stop and make time for someone, or will you metaphorically pass by on the other side of the road and ignore them?

It’s all too easy to be one of the masses; perhaps it’s not as cool to talk to those in the years below, or you’re too busy with everything you have to do at the start of term. But Jesus doesn’t call us to be one of the crowd; he taught us that we should not be afraid to challenge the norm in order to live out his gospel. Arguably it’s also not that hard to be that friendly face around school; someone who smiles and says a simple ‘hi’.

If you’re no longer at school, have a think about how welcoming you are to those around you at uni or at work. How do you respond to someone who’s new? What easy things can we do to be more friendly and loving in routine daily situations?