Day 14: Check up

Don’t worry – I’m not sending you to the dentist!

Many of you will have set yourselves challenges or commitments on the house party; maybe you decided you wanted to pray more regularly, read a bookstall book, go to church, or follow this blog? This is an opportunity two weeks after the house party finished to check on how you’re doing!

Have you been successful in what you set out to achieve? If so, well done! If not, what can you do to have another go? Do you need to make your goal more achievable or realistic? For many things, it’s only likely to get harder to keep commitments now term has started and busy routines kick in. But don’t give up!

One technique I’ve found really helps me is to write stuff down, a bit like keeping a diary. I’ve previously kept a prayer diary a few times over Lent – I didn’t write down much, but just a few words each day as a record of what I wanted to pray about that day. It was quickly obvious if I missed a day as the page in the book was blank! Similarly when trying to read more of the bible or a bookstall book, I found jotting down a few notes in a notebook about what I’d learnt or the bits I’d really liked helped me concentrate on what the text was about.

Ultimately when it comes to things like prayer, reading the bible and going to church, it’s a very personal thing deciding how you want to go about it. But talking it through with a friend or an officer can help you be more successful and you can learn from other people’s experiences. On that note, a reminder that the first CU Friday of term is tomorrow – a great chance to be catching up with people from the house party! Tom Turner is speaking so it should be a great start to the year!