Day 20: Pause and reflect

I want to share with you an idea for a prayer exercise you might want to try. It’s based on one from a book by Anthony de Mello called ‘Sadhana, A Way to God’.

When you have some time to spend away from distractions and you’re able to concentrate, perhaps read through this and then give it a go!

“Return to some scene in which you felt joy.

What produces this joy in you?

Good news . . . The fulfillment of some desire . . . A scene of nature? . . .

Recapture the original scene and the feelings that accompanied it . . .

Stay as long as you can with these feelings . . .”

Do your best to re-live the scene as if you were there again; don’t just imagine it from the outside.

Pause and reflect – where was God in that scene?

You may find you gain little from this the first time you try it, but as is the case with many prayer exercises, you can often get more out of them when you repeat them regularly. That being said, some work for some people and not for others; after all prayer is a personal thing and the only way to find out what suits you is to experiment.


This prayer exercise idea is from