Day 21: The power of community

Today is the last day in this series of ‘Daily Bread’, so I want to make it a chance to look back at what we’ve done in the last three weeks since the house party.

We’ve had an introduction to some of the letters in the New Testament. Through reading them we’ve learnt more about the early Christian church and how it developed by the work of amazing people like Saint Paul.

We have them to thank for starting communities of people with shared beliefs which have continued right through to the present day in the form of the churches we are a part of, including our CU.

The letters have told us that being a Christian wasn’t easy back then, just as it isn’t easy now. Our ancestors had to overcome persecution and have enormous faith in God and the teachings of Christ. Sadly many Christians around the world still suffer from religious persecution and hatred. But what helped keep them steadfast was the power of being part of a group of like-minded people.

That is why the people that make up our CU are so important; we need each other to grow in faith and learn more about God and what he wants from us. The community of a house party is very special, and the opportunity to meet together at CU Fridays and Sundays helps nurture that throughout the year so that we can build it into our normal day-to-day lives.

I want to wish you luck for the year ahead in any challenges and commitments you’ve set yourself and pray that God might support you with these when you reach out for his help.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily posts over the last few weeks. The officers hope we might be able to continue something like this in the future, so please do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions (or comment below!).