Summer House Party 2021

9th - 19th August 2021

We intend to run a Summer House Party on the proviso that the trip is permitted under the government's COVID-19 guidelines at the time, and we are increasingly confident that the House Party will be possible. We have conducted a thorough risk assessment, based on government guidelines and the St Paul's boarding house protocols, to mitigate any risks that may arise from the trip. We are happy to answer any questions surrounding these measures and will share a summary of these precautions in due course.

Given the events of the past 14 months, we believe that the House Party is more valuable than ever. Should the final stage of the roadmap not be reached, we will instead hold a series of daytime events at the St Paul's site in Barnes.

If you would like your son to attend, please register for the trip on the SPS portal using the link that parents have been emailed.

"House Parties have been an inspirational influence for my sons and provide a valuable grounding for new boys to the school, giving them immediate acceptance into a society of fun-loving but responsible boys from their own year right through to the U8th."

Current SPS Parent

We welcome you to sign up for our Webinar at 7:30pm on 30th June (changed from 22nd June, as previously advertised) to find out more about the Summer House Party, ask questions and meet some of the organisers. Alternatively, boys currently in their final year at St Paul's have recorded an entertaining podcast and a short video about their experience of attending House Parties:

The CU Committee look forward to the House Party


The CU Committee have recorded a podcast about their experience of attending House Parties - have a listen to find out more.

Listen to our podcast

What is the Summer House Party?

Summer House Parties are 10-day holidays with relaxed and supportive atmospheres. We spend our time enjoying a wide range of fun activities (both indoors and outdoors). Though you will be familiar with many of our activities (including football, cricket and drama), you will be less familiar with other, more unusual, activities which have been invented by Paulines over the last century. Each Summer House Party presents a wonderful opportunity for Paulines to make new friends in an inclusive environment. The Summer House Party is a care-free time for Paulines where they are able to forget the pressures of exams and academic work and simply enjoy socialising with friends. There is no shortage of great food (with 4 meals a day (!)) and also a chance to ponder the big questions of Life, the Universe and Everything.

What makes the Summer House Party so special?

We believe Summer House Parties are made special by their supportive, entertaining and inclusive atmospheres. Barriers that are so often created between those with different ages, beliefs and abilities simply do not exist. Those who attend Summer House Parties before arriving at St Paul's find the experience invaluable, with the first daunting days at a new school made so much easier by having new friends around you from day one. We believe that, after months of studying online and being unable to meet friends in person, the fun, social side of this year's Summer House Party will be especially beneficial.

What about the 'Christian' bit?

House Parties are run as an extension of the St Paul's Christian Union and the inclusive, community we create on each Summer House Party is underpinned by a Christian ethos. The character of groups like ours can vary, so we think it important to try and give you a flavour of how we view issues of faith. Although boys who attend the Summer House Parties are introduced to basic Christian principles, they are also encouraged to think for themselves and reason critically about the big issues surrounding values, ethics, faith and morality. As such, you do not need to be a Christian to attend a House Party and everyone is welcome irrespective of what they do, or do not, believe. The wide range of opinions held by those who attend each year contributes to the wonderful, tolerant and non-judgemental atmosphere that exists on House Parties.

Further information

If the holiday is a residential trip at Worth School, the cost of the House Party will be £480. We would not want finance to prevent someone attending a House Party, so if the cost causes difficulty, please do get in touch whether you receive bursarial support or not.

For more information about the House Party, please do not hesitate to contact Ed Fryer (Old Pauline) by email: .