Our ethos

We’ve found that groups like ours can vary significantly in terms of character, practice, ethos and belief, and the label ‘Christian’ can easily invite misunderstanding and prejudice. That’s why we thought it important to try and give an idea of who we are and how we view issues of faith.

A thinking approach

When it comes to Life, The Universe And Everything, pretty much everyone’s got one view or another. We’d like to think that our approach to matters of faith is reasoned and critical. Since the earliest days we’ve sought to take a questioning stance. We don’t have a ‘party line’ – we are a non-denominational organisation with people of varying faith traditions – but our fellowship has nevertheless developed its own particular character, which could broadly be described as liberal, inclusive and inquisitive.

CU stands on a Christian foundation and espouses basic Christian principles, but it also seeks to encourage an open-minded approach to life’s deeper questions. We relish the difficult issues of belief and are keen to engage with Paulines in the challenges of building a credible world view in the modern age. Boys who attend are encouraged to think for themselves and to reason critically about the big issues surrounding faith, values, priorities and morality. Discussion, as well as action, is a cornerstone of our activities.

To find out more about our spiritual ethos and interests, do get in touch.