Autumn 2016 Termcard

We’re excited to launch our term card for the new term!

Podium With Speaker-4821 August
Speaker – Jack Turner
Podium With Speaker-4828 August
Speaker – Rahul Dev
User Groups-484 September
YGM Sunday
Cross-4811 September
Who is Jesus?
Refund-4818 September
Make Poverty History
Football 2-4825 September
Football Tournament
Podium With Speaker-482 October
Speaker – Richard Atkinson
Former officer, current bishop & Felix’s uncle
User Groups-489 October
YGM Sunday – Does prayer really work?
Four Fingers-4816 October
How do I pray?
Calendar-4823 October
Half Term – no CU Sunday
Bowling-5230 October
Refund-486 November
Make Poverty History (Part II)
User Groups-4813 November
YGM Sunday – How can I trust the Bible?
Literature-4820 November
Bible – what’s the best bit?
Church-4827 November
Church Week
FAQ-484 December
Ask us anything…
Christmas Candle-4811 December
Carol Service
Families and alumni most welcome!
Christmas Tree-4818 December
Christmas Quiz


Thank you to the lovely people at Icons8 for letting us use the pictures above!