Year Group Meetings

Roughly once a month, we hold special meetings where we split the boys according to their school year group. We call them Year Group Meetings (‘YGMs’) and each group is led by a number of our Old Pauline officers.

YGMs are a great opportunity for the boys to relax with their friends, often share a meal together, and discuss Christian faith and other topics of interest according to their age group.

Below is a list of the officers responsible for each year group in 2017-18. We aim to phone boys and parents in advance of each YGM to help estimate numbers and provide the necessary details, but feel free to drop an email to your YGM officer if you have any queries; all email addresses end ‘’.

4th Form

Iain Stewart (iainstewart@)
Tom Turner (tomturner@)
Rahul Dev (rahuldev@)
Jon Hubbert (jonathanhubbert@)


5th Form

Ed Fryer (edfryer@)
Nick Owen (nickowen@)
Will Yates (willyates@)
Robbie Lyon (robbielyon@)


6th Form

Ali Neilson (alineilson@)
George Cryer (georgecryer@)
Alec Stewart (alecstewart@)
Freddie Light (freddielight@)


L8th Form

Andy Puddifoot (andypuddifoot@)
Ryan Burrows (ryanburrows@)
Jack Turner (jackturner@)

U8th Form

Jack Wellby (jackwellby@)
Pete Teverson (peteteverson@)
Matt Owen (mattowen@)
Matt Blackett (mattblackett@)