House Parties

Paulines have been enjoying summer house parties for more than 90 years, and hundreds of Old Paulines look back on these holidays as among the most treasured memories of their time at St Paul’s.

House parties are held each year during the Easter holidays for six days and in August for ten days.


What is a House Party?

It’s a multi-event holiday based in a rural boarding school. Here, Paulines enjoy a varied range of activities in a relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere.

Accommodation is in dormitories, and supervision is by an experienced group of leaders.

Clayesmore BBQ

Who can come to a House Party?

The meetings and house parties are open to all students at St Paul’s School, and those who have recently left the school. The summer house party is also open to those due to start at St Paul’s in September.

What happens on a House Party?

Everyone has a good time! There is plenty of sport for those who want it, enthusiasm rather than ability being the key. As well as organised games, there are plenty of other indoor and outdoor pursuits to enjoy during the ample periods of free time.

House parties are run as an extension of the school Christian Union, and as such are centred on the teachings of Christianity, but you don’t have to be religious to come. Everyone is welcome, no matter what you do or don’t believe. In fact, one of the things that gives these events their unique atmosphere is the informal and all-inclusive way in which they are run. Barriers of age, ability and belief simply don’t exist. There is, though, the chance to explore the spiritual side of life, think about our values and priorities and address some of life’s deeper questions, all in a non-judgemental, pressure-free environment. This is done by means of talks, discussions, meetings and dormitory time in an open-minded, pressure-free environment. One of the things that makes house parties special is the chance to exchange views and explore new ideas and opinions.

If you would like more information, please see our pages for the Easter House Party and Summer House Party, or contact us.