Easter House Party

Easter house parties offer Paulines the perfect opportunity to work, rest and play. Whether you’re revising for exams or just looking forward to a few days away, you’ll love their unique blend of activities.


What is an Easter house party?

It’s a fun mix of activities, similar to those found on our summer house parties, that take place over six days in the Easter holidays in the house and grounds of a rural Surrey mansion. There’s always a very special and supportive atmosphere, together with an informal approach that offers the chance to relax and ensures everyone has a great time.

There’s loads of sport, including a hockey tournament that runs throughout (no experience necessary), football and a number of more unusual team games. Much of the day is free to do whatever you want (within reason…), with table football, board games and newspapers being just a few of the things available. There’s also no shortage of great food (our caterers can accommodate any special dietary requirements) as well as a tuckshop.

What’s so good about an Easter house party?

There is something about the house parties that keeps people coming back year after year throughout their time at school – and beyond. The Easter house party is broadly similar to the summer one in its distinctive atmosphere of fellowship and fun, with young and old alike throwing themselves into every activity with unfailing enthusiasm.

That said, the Easter trip is unique in several ways, perhaps the most notably in its smaller size, which contributes to a more close-knit feel. Above all, the blend of informal fun and genuine engagement with spiritual life makes for a fulfilling and hugely entertaining week.

What about the spiritual side?

House parties are an extension of the school Christian Union (CU), the largest society in St Paul’s. The CU is centred on the basic teachings of Christianity but – and this is important – you don’t have to be religious to go on a house party. Everyone is welcome, no matter what you believe. We have boys from other religions apart from Christianity, as well as those of no religion at all. In fact you can believe anything – or nothing.

The house party is a chance to explore together something that many of us find intriguing; the spiritual side of life. Apart from having a laugh, you will also get the chance to think about some of life’s deeper questions, and about what’s really important – and to do so in a non-judgemental, pressure-free environment. All you need is an open mind.

Everyone who has been to a house party, whatever their beliefs, will testify to the special combination of fun and fellowship that they produce. That’s not easy to describe, yet it has persuaded hundreds of Paulines to come back year after year. But don’t take our word for it – come and see for yourself.

What about my revision?

We are fully aware of the need to prepare for exams over Easter and the house party provides a perfect setting in which to do that. We leave at least six hours free in a typical day during which Paulines can revise or do coursework in our quiet, supervised revision rooms. Boys consistently find the atmosphere conducive to productive work, and many say they get more done on the house party than they would do at home, because there are fewer distractions and the internet is only available if it’s needed for work. The house party timetable allows revision to take place on a structured basis for those that want it, and the various activities can act as a reward for a few hours of work. As there are so many people working, it never feels as if you are missing out.

Given that older boys and Old Paulines are among those revising for a variety of exams, help is always available at whatever level it is required. Advice varies from help with specific questions to subject choices and even university applications.

We know how crucial revision in the Easter holidays can be at certain stages of St Paul’s, and how that might also need to include time in a house party. That’s why we have a schedule designed to enhance rather hamper the ability to do school work.

Where does it happen?

The house party is held just outside Farnham in Surrey, at Frensham Place, which is now the home of Edgeborough prep school, and we provide coach transport from (and back to) St Paul’s. We enjoy the full use of Edgeborough’s excellent sports facilities, and the accommodation is in dormitories, given the opportunity to be with existing friends as well as make new ones.