Summer House Party 2018

Paulines have been enjoying Summer and Easter holidays, or ‘house parties’, for more than 90 years. Hundreds of Old Paulines look back on these holidays as among the most treasured memories of their time at St Paul’s.

The house party is an extension of the weekly SPSCU and aims to build a community where the boys can learn about the Christian faith in a friendly, all-inclusive and pressure-free environment. This is run alongside an exciting program of indoor and outdoor games and pursuits.

For over 90 years, the house parties provide a unique opportunity for boys to get to know their peers, make friends across every year group and start at St Paul’s knowing many more others from the School Community. The house parties are led by the School Chaplain and are supported by a number of Old Paulines and sometimes by other teaching staff.

The 2018 Summer House Party will run from Monday 6 August to Thursday 16 August and will be held at Clayesmore School, near Blandford Forum, in the heart of the Dorset countryside. The cost of the house party is £395.

The School tries to support pupils who benefit from bursarial support in attending school trips. Parents whose sons benefit from bursarial support should contact the Finance Department to discuss what assistance might be available, quoting SPSCU Summer House Party in all correspondence.

For any other enquiries or questions regarding the Summer House Party 2018 please email the Chaplain, Tim Young –

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