Summer House Party

The summer house party is the main event in the CU calendar – the one everyone looks forward to most of all. And it’s always heavily subscribed.

In 2020 it will take place over 10 days in the beautiful setting of Worth School in West Sussex. Here a varied range of indoor and outdoor activities, as well as excursions, are organised for those at St Paul’s and those hoping to start there in the autumn.

What happens

We offer a number of team games (some you’ll never have heard of), plus a host of more informal sports and games. There’s a set programme for each day, but we also like to build in plenty of free time during which boys can play short tennis, volleyball or croquet – or simply relax in their own way. Then there’s swimming and, of course, football (plenty of that…). For those that prefer staying inside, we’ve got table tennis and table football, as well as a range of other entertainments and board games, books and newspapers, plus the chance to get involved in music, drama and the various dormitory games. Our trips out include a visit to a local outdoor activity centre that offers aquatic rides and other entertainments.


Eat your heart out

We’re lucky enough to enjoy great food on house parties, settling for nothing less than three cooked meals a day – plus afternoon tea and cake… Our caterers can meet any special dietary requirements and there’s also a well stocked tuck shop.


Come and see us

Parents and friends are invited to join us for tea and entertainment on our Visitors’ Day (the middle Sunday), and see for themselves what a house party is all about. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy the stunning Dorset countryside, and we’d love to see you.


A certain something

What is it that makes the summer house party so special? And why do Paulines come back year after year? We think it’s the uniquely supportive, entertaining and informal atmosphere, which acts as the perfect counterpoint to the more formal structure of life at St Paul’s. We try to keep rules to a minimum on house parties, and we find that everyone is happy to co-operate and make their own unique contribution to what is invariably a great holiday.