CU was started over 110 years ago. Our main activities are short, informal gatherings and events on Sunday afternoons in Barnes, but also include specific activities and projects throughout the year.

In addition to the regular term-time events, we also organise holidays for Paulines and final-year prep-school boys planning to go to St Paul’s. These are the famous ‘house parties’ which take place during the Easter and summer holidays.

We’re a Christian organisation, but no-one is pressured into any particular doctrine and anyone with any belief – or none – is welcome at our events and house parties. We look at how to live our lives better, order our priorities and honour our historic motto, ‘Pia et humilis inquisitio veritatis’ – for those whose Latin is a little rusty: ‘Humbly and faithfully to search for the truth’. For more information, see the ethos section.